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As government and state utilities increasingly continue to delegate power production responsibilities to private companies, IMP Energy Solutions offers custom solutions to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) worldwide. Whether a client needs to fulfill a government-issued Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or requires a large-scale off-grid plant for private use, IMP Energy Solutions has the experience and track record for meeting all conditions and completion dates.

IPP Project Services

IMP Energy Solutions offers expertise in the development, operation, and management of power-generating facilities around the globe. Staying at the cutting edge of available technologies allows ES to remain competitive in pricing while being able to design plants for all environments and fuels with efficiency and revenue always in mind.

Services Included

  • Consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Engineering
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Logistics and Installation
  • Fuel Services
  • Maintenance Services

Located in Los Angeles, California, IMP Energy Solutions staff are only half a day away from any spot on Earth. It’s our desire to meet and exceed all our clients expectations, so regardless of your industry, specifications, or requirements, our expertise allows us to deliver only the highest caliber product.

Industries of Expertise

In remote off-grid locations, often in harsh environments, IMP Energy Solutions designs plants fired on diesel and heavy fuel to provide reliable electrical power for all on-site needs.

Oil & Gas
Whether drilling in remote on-shore locations or producing on rigs miles out at sea, IMP Energy Solutions designs large engine natural gas and diesel plants for maximum reliability and efficiency.

Our stationary engine and turbine installations are designed specific to your environment needs, so regardless of deployment in cities or rugged jungle locations, our solutions offer the highest efficiency in partial to full load operations.

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