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All operations, whether large or small, commercial or industrial, private sector or government run, possess a need for power generation. This necessity for power, in particular the demand for power generation in both established and emerging markets, is the driving force behind IMP's global strategic approach and industry focus.

IMP has positioned itself as a global supplier and rental agent with a distinct recognition of the general need for power generation equipment, with specific expertise of the distinctive needs of individual markets. As such, IMP offers solutions for every industry, but with a targeted focus on the Backup Power, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Utilities industries that shape and influence the global market as a whole.

Backup Power

Backup Power, also known as Emergency or Standby Power, is a necessity for every enterprise, agency, or operation that either cannot afford an outage or is employing mission-critical applications. The scope of operations with a need for such power security is great. It includes entities, such as banks, data centers, hospitals, and supermarkets, as well as individual stores and shops, where continual power is a stipulation either for day to day operations or in the event of an emergency.


IMP specializes in supplying equipment for marine applications. Products include marine propulsion engines, marine auxiliary power, and equipment accessories. This equipment is used in nautical operations for drilling and power supply. The products also offer power for marine vessels including container ships, dredgers, pleasure craft, tugs, tow boats, and fishing vessels.


Heavily invested in the mining sector, IMP sources equipment directly to mining companies, reclamation operations, and equipment suppliers. Clients have utilized power generation equipment in multiple types of functions involved in Placer, Hydraulic, Hard Rock, and Open Pit mining operations. The equipment provided by IMP powers all components of mining extraction efforts of materials from aluminum to zinc, and everything in between. IMP equipment powers all aspects of mining from the operations to remove or to the power of other equipment, living quarters, and ancillary products.

Oil & Gas

IMP provides the Oil & Gas industry's Upstream and Downstream disciplines with generator sets, individual engines, as well as balance of plant where needed. The vertical markets serviced by IMP include power exploration and development, drilling and production, processing, and unconventional resource development in both onshore and offshore applications.


A provider of used and turnkey power solutions to Electric Utilities, IMP offers specific power generation solutions depending on the Utilities specific need. IMP's comprehensive line of diesel and natural gas products range from individual products and accessories, to balance of plant, to new turnkey power plant solutions. IMP's offerings are driven by the utilities specific variables including specific access to fuel sources, local environmental regulations and restrictions, and specific economic variables relative to product sets, availability and delivery requirements.

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