Debajo se encuentra una pequeña muestra de los proyectos realizados por IMP. Aunque no incluye todos, provee una ilustración de la amplia gama de ofrecimientos de generación que IMP ha provisto.

16MW Baseload Utility Power Plant

Caterpillar XQ2000 (8 units)
IMP provided, and rapidly deployed, eight Caterpillar XQ2000 Power Modules, with accompanying Utility Grade Switchgear to a customer Power Plant in the Central America.
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4MW Blackstart Generator Set for 50MW Power Plant

Caterpillar C280-12 Generator Set
IMP acquired a Caterpillar C280-12 Generator Set and special ordered the necessary components for installation in a 50MW Blackstart Power Plant in the Middle East.
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2250HP Diesel Marine Engines

Caterpillar 3512C HD Marine Propulsion Engine (2 units)
IMP sourced and supplied two Caterpillar 3512C High Displacement Marine Propulsion Engines in response to a customer request for a power supply for a harbor tugboat.
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2 3MW Allison Turbine

Allison 501-KB Turbine Generator Sets (2 units)
Two Allison 501-KB Turbine Generator Sets were needed to provide prime power for an existing municipal power project in Asia.
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1MW Offshore Marine Generator Set

Caterpillar 3512B Generator Set
The company supplied four Caterpillar 3512B Marine Generator Sets from its new-surplus inventory. The Offshore Generator Sets included KATO Double Bearing Generator Ends and were rated at 1015kW.
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1.9MW New-Surplus Natural Gas Generator Set

Caterpillar G3520C Generator Set (16 Units)
IMP supplied 16 Caterpillar G3520C Generator Sets for use as a primary power source. The units, all Continuous Power, 60 Hz generator sets provided a total of 32MW of power to the customer's site.
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50MW Backup Power Plant

Caterpillar XQ2000 Generator Sets (25 Units)
A wholesale customer in South America needed 25 Caterpillar XQ2000 Generator Sets to use on international long term rental projects.
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Natural Gas Industrial Generator Set

Caterpillar G3516 10,500 Volt Natural Gas Generator Set
A 10,500 volt Caterpillar G3516 was installed in an industrial complex in Europe to reduce grid dependence by capitalizing on natural gas resources.
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Mobile Rental Generator Sets

Caterpillar XQ230 Generator Sets (6 units)
A corporate dealer needed rental units to satisfy its customer demand for backup, emergency, and supplemental power.
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Gas Generator Rebuild Project

Caterpillar G3520 Natural Gas Generator Rebuild Project (7 units)
IMP acquired and rebuilt seven CAT G3520 natural gas generator sets for various project in the oil & gas and power generation industries.
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Backup Gas Generator Set

Duetz TBG620V12K 1050kW Natural Gas Generator Set
A major retail complex in the Eastern United States needed powerful and reliable backup power to protect against severe weather and other unforeseen power outages.
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Industrial Diesel Generator Set

Caterpillar C175 2500kW Industrial Diesel Generator Set
A domestic laboratory needed a generator set to power experiments at their research and development facility.
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Emergency Back Up Generator Sets

Caterpillar XQ400 Diesel Generator Sets (4 units)
A domestic dealer needed four mobile generator sets to serve as emergency backup power for local clients during hurricane season.
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Standby Generator Set with Arctic Enclosure

Caterpillar C18 Diesel Generator Set
A packager needed a standby generator set for a mining customer.
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Prime Diesel Generator Set

Caterpillar 3516B Prime Diesel Generator Set
A sugar processing plant in South America needed a prime power diesel generator set to power their facility.
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Two Offshore Generator Sets

Caterpillar G3412TA Natural Gas Generator Sets
A customer needed two new generator sets for their offshore drilling operation in Africa.
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Arctic Diesel Generator Sets

Caterpillar C27 Diesel Generator Sets (2 units)
IMP supplied two customized Caterpillar C27 diesel generator sets for an arctic drilling operation to be used to power the living quarters.
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Mobile Backup Power Generator Sets

Caterpillar XQ230 Diesel Generator Sets (2 units)
A domestic dealer needed emergency backup units for an upcoming snow storm in the Northeastern United States.
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Mobile Generator Set

Multiquip DCA220SSJU 175kW Generator Set
A customer needed a mobile generator to serve as a backup for power outages.
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Industrial Diesel Generator Set

Detroit MTU 12V400 G49 Industrial Diesel Generator Set
A dealer needed a generator set to be used in an arctic exploration camp as prime power for crew living quarters.
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Industrial Diesel Engine

Detroit MTU 12V4000 G73 Industrial Generator Set
A laboratory needed an industrial engine set for research projects.
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Backup Diesel Power

Caterpillar C27 Backup Diesel Generator Set
A dealer was looking to add equipment to inventory and needed a good backup unit.
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Continuous Power

Caterpillar C18 Diesel Generator Set
A customer's generator was damaged and a quick replacement was required.
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Rental CAT XQ 600 Mobile Power Module

Caterpillar XQ600 Mobile Generator Set
A hospital needed to rent a backup power module during hurricane season.
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