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2 CAT XQ2000 Power Modules Provided for Municipality Project

CAT XQ2000 Power Modules (2 units) A municipality project in Illinois needed a total of 4MW of back-up power immediately, but, proper air permits were required before installation. IMP located two of the same units, available for sale from its rental fleet. IMP provided  2 CAT XQ2000 rated at 2000kW, 60Hz, 480V, 1800RPM. Before shipping… Continue Reading

2 CAT XQ1250G Natural Gas Power Modules

Used CAT XQ1250G (2 units) A top 5 oil & gas retailer in Canada needed a 2.5 MW powered natural gas generator set, but they were on a low budget and the equipment had to comply with CSA (Canadian Standards Associations) Standards. However, IMP was able to supply two, mid-hour XQ1250G rated at 1250kW, 60Hz, 480V,… Continue Reading

2 CAT 3516B-HD Marine Propulsion Engines

3516B-HD Marine Propulsion Repowering Dredge Pump ( 2 units) Customer needed to repower a dredge pump with the same engine rating and size. Customer was on a budget and could not wait for a factory order. The CAT dealers did not have anything in stock, but IMP located two new surplus engines matching the exact… Continue Reading

2 CAT 3516B-HD Gen Sets Sold to Mining Company

CAT 3516B-HD Generator Sets  (2 units) Mining Company in Mexico needed a 4.5 MW diesel powered generator for their mine operation. They were in immediate need of a 13,200V generator, but was on a low budget.  IMP was able to provide them two surplus 3516B-HD generator sets rated at  2250 kW, 60 Hz, 1800 RPM…. Continue Reading

8 CAT XQ2000 Units Sold to Utility Power Plant

Caterpillar XQ2000 (8 units) A power plant needed 16MW of power to accommodate its customer’s demand for more power. IMP needed to deliver enough units to generate that much power within the specified budget and time restraints faced by the power plant. IMP acquired eight CAT XQ2000 rated at 1825kW, 60 Hz, 480V, 1800RPM and delivered… Continue Reading

4MW Blackstart Generator Set for 50MW Power Plant

Caterpillar C280-12 Generator Set IMP acquired a CAT C280-12 engine, KATO Alternator, Amercool Radiator, Easton Motor Control Center, and an Air Starter to be used as a Blackstart Power Plant. Due to the size and weight of the components, it required custom elements to be constructed in order for the generator sets to be properly… Continue Reading