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4MW Natural Gas Plant Sold to Azerbaijan EPC Company

CAT G3520C Industrial Generators (2 units) An EPC company in Azerbaijan required 4MW of continuous power and enlisted IMP to assist. The client requested brand new equipment with a limited budget and a strict deadline. IMP had two surplus G3520C generators in stock that met all required specifications and delivered the units ahead of the… Continue Reading

CAT 3512 Industrial Generator Set Sold to Honduras Church

When a prolonged power outage affected temple services in Honduras, IMP was engaged to assist with an immediate back-up power solution. The client specifically requested a 1.2 mega-watt stationary generator which was difficult to source due to a lack of supply available. IMP installed a 1250 kw skid mounted unit in a sound attenuated enclosure… Continue Reading

2 New Volvo Penta TAD1641GE Industrial Generators Shipped to the Netherlands

Volvo Penta TAD1641GE Industrial Generator Set (2 units) IMP supplied two unused, surplus Volvo gensets earmarked for resell. The Netherlands client requested two new units with a strict deadline and limited budget. IMP sourced the new units from overstock inventory and delivered to the client ahead of deadline. View PDF

IMP Supplied New CAT G3520H NatGas Generator Set

IMP was enlisted to provide a newer model Caterpillar G3520H natural gas generator set that was earmarked for resell to a utility. The only source to obtain this newer model unit requested was a CAT factory which had a 4-6 month lead time. The customer needed the unit in under half that time giving IMP only… Continue Reading

CAT XQ1000 Sold to Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway enlisted IMP to immediately supply a back-up generator for an upcoming weekend event. The client’s specific request for a 1 mega-watt rental grade was extremely difficult because of the lack of supply available. IMP swapped out a 1000 kw unit with a 1500 kw unit that our subsidiary, RPS, had… Continue Reading

Caterpillar 3516B Industrial Genset Sold to Local Dealer

An Ohio local Caterpillar dealer engaged IMP to assist in acquiring a used, low-hour 3516B back-up generator set. The dealership requested a low-hour, older model unit at a very aggressive purchase price. IMP was able to source the requested genset from a prior installation that would be replaced with newer model generators. The genset meeting… Continue Reading