Industrial generator sets are incredibly useful and powerful pieces of equipment and should be used with caution.

A generator set is a combination of an electrical generator and an engine. It’s used to produce electricity.

These devices are put in places without power grid connectivity or used as a backup power source should a blackout occur. They can be convenient tools, but safety precautions must be taken during installation and operation.

Here are five important safety tips to keep in mind when operating industrial generator sets.

1. Always Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Operating a generator set is not the time to “wing it.” Always abide by the recommendations and instructions issued by the manufacturer.

Schedule refueling and regular maintenance by a qualified professional. Call in the inspector immediately if you notice any defective or damaged equipment on the generator set.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your generator set is operating at peak efficiency and will last as long as possible. It also ensures safety and allows time for accident prevention in the case of any malfunctions.

2. Keep the Area Around the Generator Clean and Clear

A generator set needs adequate ventilation so the exhaust fumes can be properly expelled.

Exhaust fumes emitted by generator sets are serious, poisonous gases. Some, like carbon monoxide, can be life-threatening. It’s of the utmost importance the exhaust system is properly installed so that it can provide an unobstructed flow of air to process emissions.

Remember that carbon monoxide is the “silent killer” because you cannot see or smell it. If you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or otherwise ill, get to fresh air immediately.

3. Take All the Proper Electrical Precautions

While installing or servicing the generator, be sure that all power voltage supplies, battery cables, and other electrical components are turned off and disconnected.

Proper insulation is a must for all wires, cables, and terminals. Make sure they are the manufacturer recommended ampacity.

Never allow water to make contact with electrical equipment for risk of electric shock.

4. No Smoking!

Smoking around a generator is extremely dangerous and could lead to a potentially fatal explosion.

Never smoke around fuel systems as they use combustible materials that could ignite easily. Always shut down the generator and allow the engine to cool before making contact or refueling. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies.

5. Always Wear Protective Equipment

Gloves and safety goggles are a must when working with a generator. Avoid wearing jewelry, loose-fitting clothing, or other obstructive items. Wear long hair tied back or in a hat.

Never work on a generator alone. A partner will ensure safety measures are being taken and act as an extra pair of eyes to look out for any potential danger.

Generator Sets: Wrap Up

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